Of all the things that are important to business today, this is happening behind company doors. Most modern businesses keep trade secrets and make them jealous. When recruiting new people, the HR department has a number of documents that need to be signed. 

One of the most important is the confidentiality agreement. You can see a sample of confidentiality agreement over here.

 This form is used to ensure that new employees agree not to discuss anything they saw or learned while working for the company and, in most cases, long after. Most companies use privacy agreement templates to make this form easier to create.

A confidentiality agreement is in most cases a nondisclosure agreement because it is designed to protect the company from the loss of confidential information or intellectual property. While the two agreements may be similar, you will find that the main difference between the two is the penalty when an employee breaks the contract and discloses confidential information.

Agreement templates can be used to provide very specific documents that not only describe exactly what the agreement covers, but also describe in detail the penalties for breaching confidentiality. Once signed, this agreement becomes a legally binding contract that can be used in court.

You can pay a lawyer to make this agreement if you are a large company with a sufficient budget to cover the costs. However, it is not necessary because you can do it yourself. Of course, you can write your own agreement using one of the many different templates available for download online. Both documents are fully binding in court. 

The difference lies in the amount of money you have to spend. Each must be signed by both parties and notarized in most countries to be legally binding.