This is not a new trend as name tags have been used for promotional purposes since Roman times. The Romans wore various badges with names to distinguish between ranks. The highest position wears a large gold badge, while the rest of the citizens wear a simple badge in a suitable position. This can come from a promotion name tag. 

Today's promotional badge is used to enhance the company's image and promote its products. One important thing to note is that badges are given away free of charge and when sold are sold at a low price. However, it is difficult to decide where and when to use promotional badges to keep up with current trends and the work that is being done to promote the company and its products. To get ideas on promotional name badges in Australia visit

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Many companies use notebooks, printed pens, T-shirts, custom clothing, and key chains in promotional fairs, among others. However, the use of badges with printed names at such exhibitions has become a trend of choice. Name badges not only offer an identification tool to exhibition users but also give them something to pick up, exposing more people to the company's products.  

Promotional name badges used in schools should be simple and vibrant in a variety of colours for young people to choose from. However, metal badges in school should be avoided as they are potentially dangerous, especially if they have sharp edges. 

Hence, a promotional badge with a name is a very profitable way to promote the company and its business and brings great joy to consumers as it costs almost nothing.