Things to Do in Leland, Michigan

Leland is a fishing town that is a popular tourist destination. There are plenty of things to do in the town, including beaches and wineries. Whether you enjoy the outdoors or prefer to stay indoors, this small town is the perfect destination for you.

Leland is a fishing village

The Leland Historic District is a designated historical area in the town of Leland, Michigan. It is roughly bounded by Main Street, Avenue A, and the harbor. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. It is also a state historic site.

The town was originally settled by the Ottawa Indians. It was one of the earliest Ottawa villages on the Leelanau Peninsula. Its location as a fishing village was a major asset. In 1854, a dam on the Leelanau River created a 12-foot lake, making Leland a prime location for fishing.

Leland’s small downtown area features several historic structures, shops, and restaurants. During the summer months, the town attracts a lot of visitors. During the fall, the Leland River cascades down a 12-foot waterfall. Restaurants and lodges line both sides of the waterfall, and the town’s downtown is home to two-story Gothic Revival buildings. The Bluebird restaurant, which opened in 1927, is famous for its whitefish.

Leland is located on the site of one of the oldest Ottawa settlements, which migrated to the Great Lakes region in the 1200 CE period. Today, the town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Michigan, and is surrounded by Lake Michigan and North Lake Leelanau. The town lies on the Leland River, which connects North and South Lake Leelanau and drains the watershed from Lake Leelanau into Lake Michigan. The Leland River flows through historic Fishtown.

It is a popular tourist destination

Fishtown in LELAND, Michigan is a popular tourist attraction. This historic fishing village is nestled at the mouth of the Leland River on Lake Michigan. You can enjoy a scenic waterfront view or relax at one of the quaint shops. The area is also home to several excellent wineries.

The town has a population of three-digits and an incredibly charming downtown. It’s located on a narrow strip of land between Lake Michigan and Lake Leelanau. It’s also a ferry stop for North Manitou. The area is easily accessible via M-22, which connects Leland to the neighboring city of Glen Arbor.

The historic downtown of Leland offers many unique attractions. There are several specialty shops, art galleries, and a crystal-blue waterfall. Waterfront lodgings are available and there are charter fishing and boat excursions to the nearby Manitou Islands. South Manitou Island is only accessible by day, but the other two are accessible by boat. A ferry service to and from the island is available daily throughout the summer.

Leland is a charming small town on Lake Michigan. It sits halfway up the Leelanau Peninsula and is a busy summer tourist destination. Located along the Leland River, the town is famous for its historic district and Fishtown. It’s also home to one of the few remaining commercial fishing villages in the state.

It has great beaches

If you’re a beach lover, LELAND MICHIGAN is the place for you. From crashing waves to scenic Lake Michigan views, this small town’s beaches are sure to please. Located near Van’s Beach and Good Harbor, these two beaches are perfect for beachcombing, sunset watching, or a family beach day.

The beaches in Leelanau County are pristine and often undeveloped. You’ll find Van’s Beach just a few blocks from downtown Leland and Fishtown. Another beach, South Beach, is a little further out along M-22. North Beach, on the other hand, is clean and sandy, and is located just outside of downtown Leland. There’s also access to Lake Leelanau, which also has sandy beaches.

The public beach in Leland is a local favorite. It’s located at the end of Cedar Street, just north of the Leland Harbor. It has a boat launch, a dock, and picnic areas. During the summer, there’s a lifeguard station on duty to help you stay safe in the water. Swimming lessons are also available at this beach.

Leland, Michigan is a small town on Lake Michigan. It’s a popular summertime destination known for its historic district and a bustling fishing community. The town is also known for its beautiful scenery and family-owned businesses. The town’s relaxed pace makes it a great place for a vacation.

It has wineries

There are many wineries in the area, and visiting one is a great way to enjoy local winemakers. Rustic brick tasting rooms offer local products and wines. The wineries are open daily and offer a variety of tasting experiences. You can even have a wine and cheese pairing.

For those who love cool climate wines, try a visit to Laurentide Winery. Located on the picturesque Leelanau Peninsula, this winery specializes in wines from the cool climates. The winery’s name comes from the last great ice sheet that receded ten thousand years ago, exposing the area’s beautiful coastline. As a result, the soil is rich with rocks from the ancient sea floor, contributing to the region’s unique terroir.

Whether you want a glass of wine or an upscale wine tasting experience, Leelanau County offers several wineries with tours and tasting rooms. Many of these wineries feature a unique selection of wine. Whether you’re looking for a white wine or a red wine, you’ll enjoy a visit to these local wineries.

Leland’s Wine & Food Festival is one of the state’s longest running wine festivals. The event was started by a group of wine and food enthusiasts inspired by the Monterey Wine & Food Festival. The Telgards, Bruce Simpson, and Larry Mawby were impressed with the Monterey Wine and Food Festival and decided to bring the event to Leland. This unique event has grown into one of the premier wine and food festivals in the Midwest.

It has hiking trails

If you like to hike, there are plenty of trails in Leyland Michigan. You can take a hike in the town’s parks, or take advantage of its trails to explore nature in more remote areas. There are also a number of lakes nearby. Leyland is a great location for hiking throughout the year.

One popular hike in Leland is the Whaleback Natural Area. This one-mile trail is moderately difficult and is a great place for families to hike. This hike takes about an hour to complete and features a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan. The trail is accessible from the M-22 highway, and features an info kiosk and benches along the steep terrain.

Another great hiking trail is the Houdek Dunes. This 370-acre, 3.3-mile trail offers scenic views and dips into dune landscapes. It also offers a beautiful overlook deck with a view of Houdek Creek. The park has excellent parking and free maps.

If you are an outdoorsy type, you’ll love hiking in Leyland Michigan. This unincorporated community on the shores of Lake Michigan is home to several scenic trails and natural areas. The Leelanau Trail runs from the Grand Traverse County line to Suttons Bay. The lake is 21 miles long and empties into Lake Michigan via the Leland River on its northern shore.

It has restaurants

If you are planning a visit to Leland, be sure to check out the many great restaurants in the area. These places serve some of the best food in Northern Michigan. Whether you are looking for delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you are sure to find something to please your palate. In addition, many of these places provide curbside delivery and pickup services.

The Leelanau Peninsula is one of the treasures of Northern Michigan, with its award-winning wineries, hiking trails, watersports, and great shopping. There are also plenty of small towns to explore in the area. For more information, visit the Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

The Leland Inn and Restaurant has gone through a number of changes in recent years. The property suffered a kitchen fire in 2021. The new owners were understandably nervous about the future of the place, and they recruited Washington-based chef Krystal Cripe to oversee the dining operation. The restaurant now boasts a seasonal menu that features dishes such as pan-seared whitefish with tahini yogurt and pickled fennel.

There are a number of great dining options in Leland. The historic Fishtown area features a variety of restaurants, including the Village Cheese Shanty. For lunch and dinner, you can dine at Bogey’s, which overlooks the Leland Country Club. You can enjoy fine pub fare in an upscale setting while watching the sun set over Lake Leelanau.

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