Bird flu is caused by influenza, a kind of virus that is hosted by birds and a few animal species such as cows, horses, etc., just as with any other flu virus that spreads via the atmosphere, water, direct contact, body fluids, and excreta. You can buy the best online lite face mask at MEO.

Together with the influenza virus being airborne, the pollution in the atmosphere might be reasonably large during epidemics or pandemic epidemic. Infected men and women take the influenza virus with them where they travel and disperse it from the air and on things they touch through their nasal secretions and physiological discharges. This makes such ailments like human flu and bird flu infection.

The preventative measures include mixtures of various partially effective techniques including vaccination, immunization, isolation, and mass killing (when poultry birds become infected), and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Typically the droplets comprising the influenza virus at an individual sneeze, cough, or saliva are 0.5 microns wide and therefore are not easy to filter using standard (surgical) masks.

The masks which are advocated for especially bird influenza are N-95, NIOSH approved ones that are effective at filtering out 95 percent of 0.3-micron broad flu viruses. WHO recommends rigorously utilizing these masks when in the area (within 3 feet) of a possibly infected individual. 

There's more to mask use than simply filtering out viruses. Masks may also help in several indirect ways aside from preventing influenza viruses right, however, we have to keep in mind the unfortunate actuality that no odor is a promise against shielding its consumer by the viruses. It is only they dramatically decrease the likelihood of disease.