Songs About Witchcraft and Voodoo

You may have heard ‘Broken English’ or ‘Which Witch?’ You may also have heard ‘Cupid Carrying a Gun.’ If you’re wondering what the difference is, it’s all about the camaraderie between women and witchcraft.

‘Broken English’

Marianne Faithfull’s “Broken English” was one of the most influential albums of the 1970s. Her voice is raspy and deep, and her lyrics deal with topics such as drinking, drug addiction, and homelessness. Her voice is the strongest part of the album, and it reflects the changes in Faithfull’s life.

The song “Witchcraft” tells the story of the Salem witch trials from the perspective of a witch who is being hunted. She pleads for her life, but ultimately is burned. The song also speaks of the dangers of conformity and the need to stand up against authority. The song begins with a slow, ominous build-up, but then explodes into a frantic chorus. The song ends with a roaring fire, and is a powerful representation of the dark history of witchcraft.

“Witchcraft Song” is one of the best old-school songs about witchcraft, perfect for cool cats to dedicate to black magic babes on Halloween. The song is sympathetic to the many women accused of witchcraft throughout history. The song begins with a medley of voices telling a witch to wake up. It then progresses to a story of a witch being saved from drowning.

Songs about witches have always been a popular subject for songwriting. From classic rock to pop, witch songs have explored all aspects of witchcraft and the witch lifestyle.

‘Which Witch’

Songs about witchcraft and voodoo are a popular subject in music, and a wide range of artists have penned songs about them. Some are based on real life events, while others are fictional. Regardless of the topic, there are many songs about witchcraft and voodoow that are both popular and entertaining.

Some songs about witchcraft and voodoo have a dark feel. One song, “Waking the Witch,” is a popular hit from the British group Little Mix, and has been covered by a variety of other artists. Another song titled “Witchcraft,” by the Motown group The Temptations, is about a man who believes his girlfriend is putting a spell on him. This song was released in 1957, but can be heard on many music streaming services.

Other songs starring witches include Stevie Nicks’ ‘Witch’, a song about the Welsh witch Rhiannon. The album is based on the novel ‘The Witch Of Blackbird Pond’, which chronicles the life of Rhiannon. Another song, ‘Brujas’, mentions Princess Nokia’s ancestral ties to witchcraft, and makes reference to hexing, spells, and speaking in tongues.

There are many songs about witchcraft, and they span all genres and eras. From classical rock to modern pop, witches have always been a popular topic in song. Songs about witches explore the many aspects of a witch’s life and work.


Many artists have sung songs about witchcraft and voodoo. The songs vary in subject matter, but some have been a staple for decades. A popular song about a witch is “Beverly Hills,” which was made famous by Joan Baez. The lyrics are laced with sexual innuendo. The song is also an homage to New Orleans.

Another song about witchcraft is “Wicked Annabella” by the Temptations. This song is from the ’60s, and features lyrics addressing the Salem witch trials. The song describes the witch as being a ‘witch’ who pleads for her life, but is hanged and burned. This song is a powerful message against conformity and standing up against authority. The song starts with a slow, ominous buildup, and then explodes into a frantic chorus. The song ends with the sounds of burning fire.

Another important album about witchcraft is titled ‘Seduction Through Witchcraft’ by Louise Huebner. This album was released in the 1920s and helped popularize witchcraft. It also gave witchcraft a sex appeal. Other artists took up the witchcraft theme and made songs about it popular.

Other songs about witchcraft and voodoo have been made popular by pop stars. The British girl group Little Mix even has a song about black magic and witchcraft. Another song warns the listener of the reapers and ghouls that lurk in the full moon.

Godsmack’s ‘Voodoo’

‘Voodoo’ is one of the most popular songs by Godsmack, a rock band from Colorado. It is a four-minute song that includes two minutes of silence. The song was inspired by a movie from the 1980s called The Serpent and the Rainbow, which involves Voodoo and tribal rituals. The song was written after lead singer Sully Erna listened to this movie. Some people say that the song is about drugs or Voodoo. However, many fans are not convinced, despite the song’s popularity.

Florence and the Machine’s ‘Which Witch’

Florence and the Machine’s ‘Wich Witch’ is an eerie, atmospheric musical that explores the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. The song’s haunting ballads are laced with mythological reflections and a sense of spiritual oracle. The lyrics ponder love and devastation.

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