As an owner of the organization, it is your duty to keep the office organized, get it cleaned regularly on time. So, that your employees would work more efficiently as that unclean and disorganized office has actually a negative impact on their efficiency and productivity, while there are people who think that disorganization will negatively influence their motivation level. 

So if you want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees you have to maintain the cleanliness of the organization. And for this, you should prefer to hire specialist office cleaning services in Canada so that they would regularly clean the offices on time. If you are looking for the best office cleaning services in Canada then you can visit

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The first thing that you can ask your employees to do for keeping their workplace on their own is to use proper storage for everything present in your office. For this, you should prefer to have proper cabinets, baskets, file, pen holders, etc. So that you could keep everything at its own place as office cleaning will help you to make your office look neat and clean. These are small things that every employee can do by himself; it will take just five minutes. 

The next thing that employees should take care of is not to keep the extra and unwanted things that have no use. You should ask employees to make this habit so that they have to get rid of all the unwanted stuff on a regular basis. If there are lots of files and you don't have enough space then you can simply take a big box and store all the files in there.

For this, you should encourage employees to do regular organization of their desks on their own and to increase the efficiency of cleaners you should prefer to buy all the office cleaning supplies. That may include cleaning products, dishwasher, or carpet cleaner. These things will help the cleaner to finish his work efficiently and on time.