Fleur De Lis at Your Office

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Fleur De Lis at Your Office

It’s been a while since we’ve seen fleur de sel products at Walmart. That’s one place where you can find just about anything, including fleur de sel bedding. Although we did see some fleur de lis products at our local Walmart a while back, they were not really what you would call popular items. You could barely find any fleur de lis in the bedroom of the kids’ room.

That has changed, however. We recently saw a whole bunch of fleur de sel bedding for sale in the girls’ aisle. Now there are entire ensembles of fleur de lis comforters, duvet covers and pillows. Some are plain white, some have small fleur de lis motifs. And some are in pink or purple.

There are several styles available in these collections. For example, there are a cape and romper that go with so many of the current fleur de lis sets. And one of them has a reversible cover that can be changed from a white baby bed to a pretty pink duvet cover with fleur de sel patterns on it. The cap is reversible, too.

If you’re not a girl, but have little ones, you’re likely interested in one or more of the bedding sets for mom and the kids. In the fall and winter, the fleur de lis motif is especially attractive. Especially if it’s warm outside and you’re watching those leaves floating around on your porch. Or if it’s a bit chilly but there’s a chance you’ll get to sit out on the deck or patio, the little girls will probably love the bright fleur de lis stripes on their pillowcases. These come in a range of sizes and designs.

If you’re looking to make the room cozier without changing all the other linens, try a fleur de lis throw and cover with a fleur de sel pillow. This is an attractive way to soften the look of a room without moving heavy drapes or pillows. The fleur de lis throws can be thin or thick. You can choose between modern and traditional. Either way, this is a great option.

If you need a more classic look, there are some fleur de lis comforters available. These come in traditional and modern prints. Some even have fancy decorative fleur de lis ribbons. You might want to try a fleur de lis comforter with a pattern that matches or contrasts with your pillows and furnishings.

If your home is currently painted in a neutral color scheme, adding a fleur de lis throw will add a splash of color to a room. It’s also a good idea to use fleur de lis paper towels in your bathroom and kitchen counters. They make a lovely accent to the neutral tones of many colors used in your home.

As you can see, there are lots of things that you can do with fleur de lis. No matter what room in your home you’re redecorating, you can make it look attractive with fleur de lis. It’s relatively inexpensive and adds interest to any decor. Give it a try today!

The first thing to do when choosing fleur de lis is to decide on the right pattern. This depends on how feminine or masculine you want the look to be. The patterns available include leaves, which are very classic and French look, basketweave designs, fleur de lis knots, and heart designs. You can look online for inspiration as well as design inspirations.

The next step is to select a fabric to frame the fleur de lis. Most designers like to use silk because it is durable and you don’t have to keep buying new ones throughout the year. The type of fabric you choose is up to you, but most people prefer a simple cotton blend. The style of pillow cases and comforters should also match the rest of your bedroom design. You can find all-white pillow cases and those with an intricate floral design. You may also want to throw pillows with a fleur de lis design.

If you don’t already have fleur de lis throw pillows, you should consider buying one. Not only will this give you a sophisticated look, but it is also very practical. It can easily be moved from room to room, making it easy to change the look in a quick moment. For a more subtle touch, consider using a matching bed skirt. If you buy one made from a delicate material, like silk, you can accent it with fleur de lis jewelry.

Another popular alternative to fleur de lis is to use a pretty scarf as a centerpiece. These blankets come in a variety of colors, so you can match them to the color scheme in your entire home. Many designers include a fleur de lis at the top of a shawl, a neckline, or even along the waistline. Be sure to get a thick scarf, as this will ensure that it does not fall apart after several hours of wear.

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