If you are looking for a reputable and high-quality laptop charger, it's imperative to choose a manufacturer for your laptop. 

Like anything else, however, it can break down. If this happens, you may see that you have a very difficult period of locating a replacement for some reasons:

1. You must have a part number of the replacement charger you are looking for. You can even use Micron Technology Inc laptop adapters for your laptop. 

2. Many resellers have elements labeled as high-quality spare parts, but they do not speak that they got them from China or another foreign country. 

Here are some important questions to ask before buying a laptop charger:

1. Confirm the compatibility – What is meant by this is that you should always ask the seller if you actually buy a real laptop charger that will be compatible with your laptop. In addition, check with the seller that the piece you buy is actually a new article and not use.

2. In stock – In the case of online purchase, it never hurts to fill in to know if the battery charger you are about to buy is in stock and ready for shipment. If the store is out of it, an excessively long shipping time can give you an idea of whether it could come from a foreign country.

3. Feeder size – If you had a laptop charger before knowing exactly how much it is supposed to be and can make a comparison. If the charger is too small, even slightly, it's another index that was not done by the manufacturer.