You may wonder why you have back pain because you take care of yourself to be subject to this level of discomfort. About thirty-one million people suffer from chronic back pain and about fifty percent of them report their discomfort annually to their doctors. So, what exactly causes chronic back pain and what can you do about it?

Chronic back pain is characterized by a sensation of acute and persistent pain usually in the area that starts on the back of your neck, in the spine and lower back. If you are looking for the treatment of back pain then you can pop over the link.

The pain can stay with you for a few days or weeks, disappears, then tighten again in a few months. Analgesic drugs no longer work for you more and you are obliged to investigate the real reason behind your chronic back pain. This can be generally explained by major factors that contribute to its cause that are exercise, nutrition and psycho-emotional stress.

Living a sedentary or inactive lifestyle can contribute to back pain. Exercise can greatly help the body remember its normal function. Like the muscles, if you do not do good activity, can lead to muscle disintegration called atrophy. The muscles located on the back and neck, to the individual must be recalled in the manner in which they should operate by repetitive exercises or stretching carried out regularly or by planning.