African masks are among the finest pieces in the art world and are in great demand. They are usually carved from wood, although some are made of cloth and other materials. They are sometimes decorated with pearls and paints.

You can find the best african masks via various web sources. Most masks are made so that they don't look like real faces. They are usually designed and built to provide a certain amount of impact value. They convey different emotions such as sadness, anger, or distrust.

african masks

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They played different roles for the tribes of the continent. It took a long time to process and finish the mask. Once ready, it is stored in a safe and sometimes sacred place only to be taken out for important social events and ceremonies.

Masks were and are still worn during celebrations such as weddings, funerals, inauguration ceremonies, and entertainment for important visitors. African masks are usually worn by men, but in some cultures women also own and present themselves in masks. An example is the ritual that introduced them to female society.

When it comes to wearing masks, there are other options besides the way we wear them. They can be worn on the head as a helmet that covers the entire head or as a comb that is placed over the head.

For those of us who watch the discovery channel, the increasingly frequent use of African masks we see means ritual dancing. This includes dancers wearing masks and full clothing. Often these rites were chanted and music was played and masks became a powerful spiritual force.

In some of these dances, some people are not allowed to see them due to the power of certain masks. Much of African culture includes rituals and ceremonies. However, with the formation, development and influence of other civilizations, some cultures have lost much of their tribal beliefs, so that such ceremonies are endangered in Africa.